Returns Policy

Shirtbox Return Policy

In the event that you have received a wrong shipment (i.e quantity, size, colour or style), or a faulty or misprinted garment from us, you are entitled to a replacement or store credit if your complaint is received within 14 days of purchase. 

1.1.1 What is considered a faulty / damaged garment?

  • stains

  • tears / rips / holes

  • wrong style / size / colour shipped

  • measurement deviations of +/- 1.5cm of online size specifications are not considered to be off size. Anything beyond that will be replaced / refunded.

Please note colours shown on computer screens are never an exact resemblance of real colours and it is expected within a reasonable field that slight colour variations are accepted by you, the customer.

1.1.2 What is considered a faulty print?

  • different artwork printed than approved by you;

  • different colour printed than approved by you;

  • please note that our default print technique is using a digital printer with a CMYK setup. Sport colours can only be printed using the screen printing technique and minimum quantities and setup fees apply. By not emailing us to explicitly request the screen printing method for your printing needs, you are demonstrating your understanding that pantone colours are replaced with the CMYK equivalent and non CMYK shades are replaced with the nearest CMYK equivalent. It is your responsibility to ensure that your artwork is setup in CMYK format before submitting your designs to us. If you are experiencing problems doing so, please email us and we will be happy to assist.

  • print or embroidery is placed at a different location than approved by you. Please note up to 20% of placement deviation is still considered correct order fulfilment. Anything of 20% deviation or more warrants you to request a replacement or refund.

  • print or embroidery is significantly bigger or smaller than approved by you. Please note that up to 15% of decoration size deviation is still considered correct order fulfilment. E.g. you ordered your logo to be 10cm in width, but the print you receive is only 8.4cm wide. This is a 16% deviation from the original size and warrants you to request a replacement or refund.

  • print coming off after less than 60 days from order collection whilst adhering to the garment care instructions (see 1.2 for further guidelines). This clause excludes white garments printed with a direct-to-garment print (see next clause)

  • Despite highest equipment and production standards in place, printed white garments have a natural tendency to yield a more muted colour print result compared to non-white garments and it is common for white garments to lose its print quicker after the first and subsequent washes. This is due to inks bonding directly with the garment fibre without the aid of a pre-treatment "sealant". As this occurence cannot be avoided, Shirtbox's 60-day durability guarantee does not apply to white garments printed with a direct-to-garment print.

1.1.3 What cannot be returned  / replaced?

Due to the nature of our business offering products and services based on individual customer requests (“custom services”), we are unable to offer a refund / replacement or store credit in the following instances: 

  • change of mind of an already started or completed custom orders

  • aesthetic dislike (i.e. simply not “liking” how the product turned out, without any apparent technical or practical decoration flaws)

  • choosing the wrong colour, size or style of a custom print order

  • own fault of staining or damaging the product

  • more than 14 days passing since the purchase of the product

  • perceived colour variations due to inconsistencies of computer screens vs. real garment colours

  • garment size deviations of less than 1.5 cm outside the stated product specifications

  • print placement deviations of less than 20% of approved placement area

  • print size deviations of less than 20% of approved print dimensions

  • errors in approved designs

  • white garments printed with a direct-to-garment print. A muted colour print result and loss of colour / ink after the first and subseuqent washes cannot be avoided due to limitations of using a pre-treament "sealant" on white garments.

  • shipping / stock delays outside of the control of Shirtbox, for instance if Shirtbox sends your order off with a third party courier prior to our standard or otherwise agreed due date, and the order is delayed due to a fault of the third party.

1.1.4. Return policy of blank garments

If you want to return blank garments based on a change of mind, wrong order request of colour, size, style or quantities due to your own fault and not because of a fault of Shirtbox or its employees and associates, and without any apparent quality issues regarding the blank product itself such as faulty stitching, faulty fabric, uneven dye, or size discrepancies beyond the stated area of variation by the supplier itself, you can do so within 14 days of receiving your order. The following rules apply:

  • Garments must be returned in original condition and fit for re-sale

  • Garments must not be decorated with a custom print or embroidery 

  • Depending on the garment manufacturer, a re-stocking fee may be applicable, which is payable by the customer

  • Any shipping costs incurred from sending the blank garments back to Shirtbox and/or the manufacturer must be carried by the customer


1.1.5 Shirtbox Return Procedure 

If you are within your rights of a replacement, refund or store credit, please send us an email to info@shirtbox.com.au with the following details:

  • the date of your purchase and the date of your order collection

  • your order number

  • a detailed description of the problem with your order

  • a photo of the fault or damage

We will be in touch with you ASAP to rectify the problem.


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